Tuesday, May 1, 2018

code:mirage 7

Our timer has sorta oofficialy resigned and will not be working with us at least in the near future. there for we are urgently recruiting. it is too much for me to both time and translate, as you might have noticed. I am busy as it is with exams and honestly i should be studying for my math exam tomorrow but here you have episode 7 way overdue but ... yeah. Please give me motiation and help to get these episodes ready by applying to become our translator. No abilities necessary i learnt timing with one yooutube vid you can too! Also i will be available for questions so even if you are a beginner i believe you can do it.

 had problems deciphering what the kumicho sent when greeting so ended up leaving it blank. i heard omething like "sabuyno" or whatever, our proofreader suggested "hey whats the situation" but as we have really no idea what he said we left it blank. it would be nice to have someone to help iwth this instead of speniding endless hours only to give up. this was a big reason to why it was so demotivating to work on this episode. i ended up sending it to correction unfinished, but started working again once it came back. i also tried to look it up in case it was japanese aswell, but didnt find anything. It might be neither acurtally , or it might be yakuza or russian thug slang. thanks to robins kind explaniation of .. a certain word that might be spoiler if mentioned looking up that went relatively okay but we are not that lucky everytime.So a bit late now it would be nice to have a russian person in our team. though i doubt anymore trussian will come up after this episode.